Attic Insulation

Attic Insulation

We install a variety of insulation: from batt type insulation to 2 part spray foam

Basement Insulation

Basement Insulation

Subjin Insulation provides the best quality insulation for Basements and Crawlspaces

Wall Insulation

Wall Insulation

Subjin Insulation has many qualified technicians for wall insulation

Crawlspace Insulation

Crawlspace Insulation

We also install vapor barriers to preventing moisture from entering the home

Home Insulation

Spring 2018: Spring and Summer Savings

The Long Winter is Over!

It seems like the time that we can leave our windows open and let the wind cool our homes is getting shorter and shorter, doesn't it?

There are ways we can help you with lowering your energy costs and reducing the work your air conditioner must do to keep your home cool.

What We Can Do for You

  • Adding insulation to your attic and walls
  • Sealing cracks and openings
  • Insulate and seal ducts for your central A/C system
  • Sealing and insulating around your window A/C
  • Weatherstrip and insulate your attic hatch
  • Draft testing with a blower door
  • Vent your bath fan or kitchen exhaust

Two Tips for You

  • Use your bath fan while showering and your kitchen hood fan while cooking to allow the heat to leave your home.
  • Replace and clean the filters on your A/C unit. They work much better when not filled with dust.
  • Give us a call for an estimate at 610-264-2200.


Why We Say, "It’s Not Your Windows!"

As residential and commercial insulation contractors, every day we insulate someone’s house and without a doubt the subject of window replacement comes up. We are in the energy saving business after all. Customers call us up to solve energy and comfort problems and we provide energy audits and actually do the work required. This makes us unique, I think. Anyway, with all of the window companies spending millions of advertising dollars, they have convinced people heat and warm air moves sideways or horizontally out of their home! As you of course know, hot air balloons rise.
Home Insulation
Yes, some cold air enters the home replacing heated air, but it is mostly from the basement, not the windows. We have performed work on thousands of homes; insulation, installed blower doors, and infrared scans. We KNOW this to be true. I’ve seen the savings from what we do. I have the Christmas cards that say; “thank you, now I can buy shoes for my kids.” “I’ve lived here for 30 years and it was never warmer in my house before.”

It’s not like I wouldn’t want to replace windows after all it is a lot easier to replace a window then crawling around a hot attic in the summer. It’s just not cost effective from an energy savings point of view. Window replacement is actually the most expensive and least cost effective retrofitting item you could do to your home. Insulation will pay for itself in savings in about three or four years, a window will take over twenty years to recoup the investment. Replace your windows because: you want to improve property value, the ease of cleaning, they look nicer, etc. not because you think you are going to save a bunch of $$$ after the windows have been replaced. Oh, by the way, we get at least 8-10 calls in the winter that go like this; “I replaced all my doors and windows this summer, why am I still cold?”

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